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im have some problems, i cant grab the itens at the start

you have to face the right direction, move foreward then turn left or right.

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Ok, Guys Just got a huge surprise message from Wolfbite Interactive Today, If you don't know who that is Its the Creator of Extracurricular Activities, There is going to be a HUGE surprise in the next Patreon Build of House of Beef. Soooo you better make sure you're up to date on your Patreon Subscription, in other words Become a Braford Patreon or you will have to wait 8 Months to find out.

Awesome game and content with a deep friendly story and not solely focused on sex (although I like it). Your animations are over the top and the script lovely hope to see more :) Do you update regularly?

Merry Christmas  Braford and good luck with your game

What's the changelog of 1.21?

Can the MC take a shower when he wakes up

No. only when he goes to bed on first night

hey are there routes

if so how do you get to kurt's route

No routes yet, just continuous story, the game is still under construction.

I May be dumb just wanna know how to get the clothes

Nevermind I didn't even see the phone also how has this game not blown up


Ok Peoples, Just get a load of the Beefy eye candy BRAFORD can do, His making a VN were all these grabs a from, show some support and Become a Patreon, Now's the best time at the start of the month, not to mention its a few updates ahead, so win win.

Thank you so much braford for  new update advice write at least a list of changes in your game


What is new in this update?

They add some few things...

Story or Bugs fixed?


Hello, i've played it and i love this game.. but.. is it just my phone that has a problem when playing it? Because when i press menu button there is no other option like load and more, just save. Is my phone too old or what?

Version 25 will be coming has the fixes for the phone.  My apologies for the very messy presentation   x3

They're not posting update here right? 

I just want to know if they're posting the public version and where can i find it.,

This is the right place for the public version.

Oh ok but, 

The last update here is still the

When will you, post the other updates...

Mr. Wolfstar?

One new version every month.

Ohh ok thanks then, 

OMG, the cell took me forever to 'find' (actually to click on).  I'd recommend changing it so it's bigger when you look at the desk.  You could have it on both screens as I'm assuming you're using a variable state to hide it, but it's sooo tough to click correctly where it is today.  Still looks amazing.

Thank you braford for new public version maybe next year 2021 more will be intresting story and new content

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As a graphic designer with a pure love for muscle, I can't wait to see where this story goes! <3

Thank you very much !! I'm glad you liked the  game ^_^

Hey guys another shameless plug for an amazing artist, consider becoming a patreon to help out Braford, as a patreon the updates are about 8 ahead of the public ones so you get more out of it and it helps him out in the process.


What's new in the public update? It showed in my notifications that this VN had been updated.

Total eye candy vn based game. Fun story and Great Furry guys. Guys Consider helping out Braford and Wolfstar by becoming Patreons.  As a plus its about 8 updates in front of public release. This month it will be v1.27


Arrows system move is quite confuse. Maybe a map (usual "m" key or in the settings  area) or a screen over mini-map will help.


how do i get the cloths on to leave my house

I've played a previous version before on my laptop, and I tried downloading it onto my phone but it said that it was built to be used on a previous build of android

When will the next update be?

love this game btw

For some reason my phone is having trouble downloading the game.

You may need to download an APK downloader app, because renpy programs don't work on every android device.  You can get them for free.  Please follow up and let us know if that resolves the problem.


I think this game would take quite a lot of space if the game is finished

I love the oscar route keep it up!.

Yup, you're right about that ^_^ And thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it.

I think doing Oscar's first was the best idea, since the SECOND I saw him, I was like, "Yep, you're first."


What's new in 1.18?

The story keeps moving forward after the previous demo's end.

oh man ... i need more pls more 


how do i leave the house in the beginning? i have been stuck in that part, no matter what i click i cant leave the house. i have been looping between living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom and it always sais that im missing something, and im pretty sure i have clicked every corner of the screen looking for it (the missing object), also how to i get dressed? 


All the items you need to move the game along is in the bedroom, so don't worry about going to the other rooms of the house.
2 items are on the shelf, 2 items are on the computer desk, and the rest are found on the first scene with your bed.   You want to find the camera, the battery, the big yellow bag, the laptop, the pen and your cell phone.  Afterwards, a scene will play where Julian gets dressed and goes to work.


Did you try going at the bedroom perspective and look for the phone on the most right part of the screen? Welp that's if you still didn't get the phone. ;(

Can I ask the author when the next update of the game will be? I'm looking forward to it.

Hello there. Just asking when will be the next update or fix for android? Because when you go to the menu by using save when playing the game there is no load, main menu, or option buttons. I want to play this but for some reason seeing that there is no other buttons except for save button made me discouraged playing this on phone though I still have the game and didn't uninstall it. Im really looking forward for the update or even just a fix.

Howlies LancerX,
So the fixed android version has currently been made available on Braford's Patreon.  We won't be seeing the public version appear here for quite some time  (it's version 25, and I think we just uploaded 17).   My apologies for the delay/inconvenience.

Its ok at least I can play it in a very near future.

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How do you

 get sex scenes?

We're still in the early stages of development for this game, and so there's only one route you need to worry about thus far  =3

cool game the 3D graphics really make the difference  i just want to ask on what new story is in this v 1.17 if i mind to ask since it stopped on the pizza place nowhere else.

How do I get past start I can't find the thing the character is looking for because I accidentally skipped what he said?

you need the battery from cabinet and camera, phone from your desk, laptop from the desk/drawer behind you and lastly the bags that is all you need though then the game could progress

Really enjoyed what I found so far, can't wait for more.

This is one of the best games I've ever played, both in character modeling and CG animation. I've played many games of the same genre and I just love this one.Can't wait for the next update.I hope the author will do better and better.

It won't  install  on my phone   what do I do?

You may need to download an additional apk launcher app from the android store in order to play.  There should be free ones available  =3

Do I detect Parrell Williams "Happy" mixed in there? :3

LOL! I was just gonna say that! XD


Will there be different romance routes? Because most characters seem to already be in a relationship with each other


Not all of them are taken and there will be new ones coming. But we're planning some things like that.

Oh ok looking forward to it!!


What are the new contents/what's new in this update?

New story, new art assets.  No branching path as of this time.

Where does the new story start? Because I saved at the pizza restaurant and what I played, ended not long after that... They ate, talked and it ended after the talk. Was that the newest update? 


It would be interesting to mix the univer of "house of beef" with "wolfstar sin and paradise". Maybe in another update, or another game.  I like your games. Good work! Have a nice day! Bye.


Howlies Mardvick,  
Funny you should mention that, me and Braford have joked about crossovers.  At this time, there is a reference to both Sins and EA in HOB.  It's within the first lines of dialogue by our sleeping Julian   =3

Thanks again for playing, be on the lookout for the next updates coming soon!


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