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we need chinese😭


can I get it for Linux 

Howlies Dave4526,
Yes, you can get a version for Linux now.  Just download the PC version of the file, because of how renpy is setup, it should be compatible for Linux too.  Thanks for asking  =3

at the next update, I bet Julian get lucky ...

Thank you so much for new public update I love it amazing work

Cute update, just had to stop there, didn't it?

karate kung fu ijaja bottom was torn out


we need chinese😭

happy new year 😉


!Feliz año nuevo!  =3

Sarge is a tough boy sure in bed too 😉


Yes sir  =3

I love playing this game I laughed when Gus looked at the picture and was wondering what one of the staff members was holding keep up the good work do want see if you do make another game and more comics big thumbs up

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Just recently downloaded the VN and so far so good! Was NOT expecting a Chester cameo. That was totally unexpected and awesome.

can someone help me please I can't seem to find gus's show

The first time you see Gus in the background just click on him until you get it ^_^

Thanks so mush i know its at the start but don't know wher


this game is fun but all bodires are too similar, perhaps if there were more differences among the different characthers would more interesting

i'm really looking forward to julian and sarge getting together!😉


Also one ?bug? I have found is that when you use the hide function (press H) it only hides the actual text, not the UI HUD so you aren't able to actually see anything more than normal.

please add a beefy otter ;^;

Hey! Feedback - The thought text is a little hard to read when Julian is working at his laptop in his living room (I think Day 4/5). I think his laptop and the font text are the same colour. 

Otherwise, loving this :)  

Wolfstar you re my hero 😉


HoneyBear11, you're my hero!  Thanks for being a fan of our work, it's that kind of support that motivates and keeps us working  =3

When will realese the new update?


Just posted!  Please enjoy  =3


I realy love this game, will there be other races, like gorillas, dragons and maybe orcs?

i Second the Orc thing. a nice green Musclegut orc would suit the Gym very well.

Get your orcs here:


i really like the vn just keep going Wolfstar nice work!😉


Thank you kindly HoneyBear11.  Team Paradise enjoys working on this project together, and can't wait to deliver more   =3


I'm just curious how long is the game so far?


I'm working on version 50 for Patreon this month.

srry i meant how many hours is the game sorry for the confusion


I honestly don't know the answer to that question.  You'll have to time one of your runs and let us know.


As far as I'm concerned my friend Speedrun it in about 9 hours and 43 minutes without interruptions 

ty for letting me know :)

it actually takes less for the public build bit the patron

 build took longer for him because you can only play for so long before the code kills itself he had to restart 6 times 

Do you have Chinese

I'm having trouble loading a save game, am I the only one?

go and skiping till you read it...i have problem too with loading the saved game


Can i ask is there any sex scenes



When is the next Update??..

4 days ago have new update sugar


Is tthere sex contains?

yes honey 🤣

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This is one of the best visual novels I've played the characters and the backgrounds are well detailed the story holds you for a long time and the animations are very hot (not to mention the comics that Braford did 😩) 

I hope you guys don't stop with this project too soon

My favorite characters are:Oscar, chuck and sarge


Is there any sex scenes with the main character yet?

Sarge is too sexy....


Amo la cantidad de detalles que pones en los fondos y en los personajes! Fue una buena actualización que me dejo con ganas de ver el sueño de julian xD

Muchas gracias ^_^me alegra que te haya gustado. 

I can't wait to play update 1.44 in pc 😍 


Remind me to show my thanks and love for the Sarge, he's right he wasn't the only one who always wanted to do that, what a treat and dream come true.  I'm so elated and I'm more excited than Julian.  Thank you!


Thank you very much man! I'm glad you liked that one ^_^

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I loved it.  Too bad it's not a dating sim otherwise he'd be the one I shoot for.  But this is beautiful, a perfect 2nd, to such a thing so thank you.  Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart! 😍


Yay! Thank you very much again ^_^

@wolfstar when the new update? please release the date, because i can't sleep thinking the plot and the characters...


Next House of Beef update?  Let's see, on Patreon we're due to release version 46 by the 21st of this month.  As for  Itchio's public build, it should be available around the 15th.

around 15th in this month?!?! OMG I CAN'T WAIT!


Um...may I humbly suggest playing some of my mate's VN?  "Extracurricular Activities" could hold you over until we update  =3

l began playing  Extracurricular  Activities  years ago, l believe it was build .32, then l found Sins and Paradise and began playing it. They were both my favorite novels every month for years. When l found out from one of Dynewulf's post last year that you were  together,  it blew my mind. Two talented  men who have enriched and entertained  me for years. Thanks for all the hard work y'all do.

Howlies bkbpcb,
I can't thank you enough for sticking with us throughout the years.  My word, you lift our spirits so and give us a sense of accomplishment.  Maybe we're doing something right after all.  Thank you kindly for playing  =3

I did not realize this was still updating. I'm glad because I was afraid that it was abandoned right when we would get some real plot. I'm so ready for more. Love that even though everyone is muscled there are still different bodytypes.

@wolfstar next update reduce your size in android pleasee....hehehe...

Chances are we'll be cutting things out at a later date.  Game size is nearly 2GB now  x.x

yesss pleasee........want reduce size gb ahahaha....XD...coz my visual novel so many in my scared not enough memory with my game etc...XD.....thanks so much....


more more i need to see more   ... fuck in so horny as hell  now

What's new in the 1.37 update? Devlog, please.

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