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Howlies WsSaP fans!  Welcome HOB fans as well!

Version 10.8  is here! 
Sins version 9.9 will remain available for all time on itchio, because it is the final legacy build with all the original old artwork.

Thank you for showing interest in our story.  You've made a very humble old writer so very happy.  Thank you   =3
Please consider supporting us if you enjoy what we make here.  Team Paradise appreciates you for believing in our project!  We rolled out the new artwork before the year ended.  New build is available now on Patreon, where you'll find the most up-to-date version of Sins (10.1), next update is coming before the end of this month!  Along with the newest updates, you'll also have access to teasers of new game artwork!  Come join the fun and support our project here:    https://www.patreon.com/Wolfstar
and check out my partner in sexy crimes here:
Braford's Furaffinity   https://www.furaffinity.net/user/braford0005/
Braford's Twitter  https://twitter.com/Braford_fa

WsSaP News

Lost to a mysterious city of sin, this visual novel will explore and focus primarily on the choices our hero Wolfstar makes in his new afterlife. Choices will not be restricted to one of two obvious "good versus bad" options. Instead, this game's goal is to embrace Persona 4's choice system which is all about TIME (the main obstacle). No playthrough is ever quite the same as WHO you decide to spend time with will then cost the player's options for other character interaction. Sacrifices will have to be made, and yet, there's plenty of opportunities to explore different relationships. This game will also avoid the cliche' paragon of virtue versus complete sociopath.
Players also have to balance out the limited amount of monetary/sexual resources in their afterlife as the dark entity known only as, the Tax Man, comes to collect at the end of every month cycle. Having little to no sexual encounters comes with a cost, as the Tax Man has imposed sexual quotas to all citizens living in his city. Players can of course make up the difference by paying cash to the Tax Man, but that means spending more time at work as a stripper to pay off those debts–and a stripper's job is not without its share of dangerous encounters Choose wisely who you want to spend your afterlife with, as there are no second chances just like real life on any given day.

Creator's Comments:

Thank you for taking the time to read about and special thanks if you try out my game. Please consider supporting me either here or on Patreon. All donations will be used to improving the quality of the project. Thank you all again! =3


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Wolfstar_Sins_and_Paradise-10.8-release.apk 842 MB

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