Sins content update version 11.5

****Bug fix Janus Halloween route!  Thank you fannintendociccio*****

NEW CONTENT! ****Hyper's Halloween Event Part 4.5.5 (very short) ****

Main story route updated
New game sprite Douglas Highcastle!

Special note:  Bug fixed with Rufus sprites updated

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82 days ago
Wolfstar_Sins_and_Paradise-11.5-release.apk 871 MB
82 days ago

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Hey wolf star sorry to bother you but I was wondering who's romance route you plan on updated next I just want to know

Howlies silverwilde,
It's never a bother and a pleasure to answer any game inquiries.  Alex and Hugo's routes are next to be worked on  =3

really Hugo pretty much done because I was able to make it past the fury fight with choosing him but I understand I was hoping you would at least make it so someone could choose hyper or at least Rufus those are at least the only ones I can see Wolf star with but mainly hyper