Sins content update version 11.6

NEW CONTENT! ****Hyper's Halloween Event Part 5 

Main story route updated

Secret chapter updated

New game sprite Fury Fight!

Special note:  Bug fixes with Janus and Dagio Halloween routes

Files 817 MB
Oct 01, 2022 832 MB
Oct 01, 2022
Wolfstar_Sins_and_Paradise-11.6-release.apk 874 MB
Oct 01, 2022

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You know I totally love this website but when I follow games I don't get updates randomly believe me patiently waiting for hypers route to be updated don't get me wrong I understand Hugo is the patreons favorite character but but for me it feels forced again just my opinion

hehe I've also been waiting for a few minutes if I'm not mistaken Up to 10 minutes nothing happens is this a problem? or is it just my fault, but far from that this vn is amazing

Can't wait for the next update :3

How do we find the secret chapter? Just a hint if that's okay

I kinda need help with that too. I thought I knew what it was, but if it was what I thought, it appears to end in the same place it did in the last update.

You're on the correct path.  Continue playing the game and you'll be going back to Wonderland often during the main story.

I've played as much as I could and I could swear that where it ends is something I've seen before.

Last dialogue from Wolfstar based on what I have is... (Spoiler below)

(Dammit!)  (which comes alongside a roar in the background)

When given a second chance to shoot Dagio, don't shoot.

I'm waiting at the point where it prompts you to click "Shoot Dagio", so far I've waiting a few minutes total, and nothing seems to be happening? Am I supposed to do something else or do I have to wait even longer?


It'll only take 1 minute of waiting, you probably need to go to the following shoot screen.

Yeah, I was waiting at the part where I had to click the prompt, not the qte

Uuuuugh! So close to freedom!

That aside, awesome update! I'm looking forward to the next one!

Glad you enjoyed the update.  Curse all cliffhangers, right?    x3

Exactly! Whyyyyyyy?!

Heh heh.

Thank you for new public update I love it  this great  and amazing work 

Thank you for playing the latest update.  I really appreciate the support for our story  =3