Feb Update!

2/27/2018 Update!  New Route and Story Content!

Hugo route updated for Day 4.   *Dagio route to be worked on next month.

Music added to Gallery beta! 

Updated Credits (Thank you Naoky)!

New backgrounds and areas added!  New characters added!

Bug testing (Special thanks to VIP patron Epsiloh)

Day 4 The Search for Hyper begins!


wolfstar_sins_and_paradise-1.0-mac.zip 461 MB
Feb 27, 2018
wolfstar_sins_and_paradise-1.0-pc.zip 476 MB
Feb 27, 2018

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Is there any way that there's a dating route with Alex or rufus

Rufus is in the works.  Patreon voted for his route to be next once the Dagio route Halloween event ends   =3


this game is incredible, i just played it from start to most recent day and loved it. Hugo is definitely my fav, i love minotaurs <3 

hyper's plot my goodness just insane o-o


Thank you kindly hyou vizer, I'm grateful you returned to give the demo another shot too.  Hugo seems to be the main crowd favorite on Patreon currently too, I love the big lug too.  Hyper has been a roller coaster ride to write for, can't wait to see what happens next    x3